Migration and displacement

Our research on migration and displacement aims to understand and recommend effective responses to forced displacement, multiple refugee and humanitarian crises and to advocate humanitarian action for a positive outcome.

From social and state responses to immigration and asylum, to the resultant gap in skills, educational and humanitarian needs within regions subjected to these crises; our research examines the theme of migration and displacement from a number of perspectives. More widely we work to help the reconstruction of societies affected by conflict to build effective policy and infrastructure which support displaced communities.

Following the Syrian conflict in 2011 and resultant refugee flows on a scale not seen since World War II, social and political responses to supporting refugees fleeing from conflict have required dramatic change, making this topic a central global challenge of our contemporary society.

With displaced communities crossing into other countries during conflict, as asylum seekers or irregular migrants, requirements for housing and public services grow rapidly and policymakers, the media and the public often engage in heated debates on appropriate responses.

The University of Birmingham is at the forefront of research into migration and displacement. The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) is the first institute in the UK and one of the first globally, to focus on migration, displacement and superdiversity.

Projects available under this theme

Applications for 2018 entry are now closed. Projects for 2019 entry will be announced in December 2018.