Shocks, security, risks and resilience

The security dilemma is a critically important idea in understanding key challenges to global security in the twenty-first century. 

Contemporary debates about security and resilience, the fragility of co-operation and perceptions of trust and mistrust and the significance of these issues to world politics, are a key focus of our research and a global challenge for all societies.

The unifying term of ‘resilience’ and ‘resilience policy’ has become a powerful metaphor in security politics and its application within communities to counter extremism and radicalisation has become a focus of research. Following large-scale terrorist plots and activity targeting multicultural cities, ‘resilience’ has been developed as a widely generic set of best practises, largely inflexible in adapting to local culture, understanding and human concerns.

Spanning multiple disciplines, our research examines the concept of security and related themes to enhance our understanding of, and approach to, the rhetorical, operational, and practical power of this concept in organising, legitimising, and deploying state and international power and resources.

Projects available under this theme

Applications for 2018 entry are now closed. Projects for 2019 entry will be announced in January 2019.