Accessing your Open Week sessions

Accessing your Postgraduate Open Week sessions

After you have signed up to our Postgraduate Open Week and booked your sessions, the next stage will be accessing the live talks.

How to access sessions

To get into your live talks on the day, simply load up your RSVP page.

If you cannot find this, you can use the recover your open day booking details form and you will be emailed a link to your RSVP page. Below the event description, there is a list of the talks or sessions that you have already signed up to.

At the appropriate time, click ‘check-in’ and you will be shown the URL to join us on the Zoom session. Simply single-click the URL and enter the talk.

We recommend that you download the Zoom application in advance. The experience will work best on a desktop or laptop computer as most of our speakers will be presenting slides, although the sessions will also work on mobile. You will also need a free Zoom account to join our sessions.

Where you have provided us with a mobile number during booking, you can also expect a text message 30 minutes before your session as a reminder to log in, so that you have time to log in to your RSVP page and check-in for the session before it starts.

You can choose multiple sessions across the whole week to create a programme of events that are convenient and relevant to you. For information on how to browse our events and book sessions that are relevant to you, please see our guidance.

Please note, if you have signed up for a drop in session this may be in the format of a Zoom meeting where you are put in a waiting room and then let in for an individual conversation with the academic. Depending on the session, there may be a short wait before you are let in for this conversation. If you join the drop in session and don't want to wait in the waiting room, you can rejoin at any point during the scheduled session time.

Recover your open day booking details

Complete the form below to recover your booking information.