PG Week Timetable

Take a look at our PG Week timetable below and take part in a variety of sessions that will intrigue and inspire you. These sessions are designed to give you a taster of postgraduate study and answer any questions you may have.

PG Week Timetable
 Session Description DateTime  Room
Using Tutor feedback effectively in Arts and Humanities Understanding what your tutor wants you to do will make it easier to act on suggestions and improve your grades. This session will help postgraduate students in Arts & Humanities to reflect on what tutors mean in assignment feedback and be ready to act on it.  18/3/19 10.00 - 12noon University House 110
Cafe Teach

Find out more about pursuing a career in teaching at this informal event. There will be an opportunity for networking with teachers and current trainees, followed by a Q&A session with our panel.Discover more about the generous tax-free bursaries and scholarships available for trainee teachers, worth up to £30,000.

Lunch will be served on arrival.


18/3/19 1.00 - 2.00pm

School of Education

12:30: Registration and lunch in the foyer

Pop up stand in Aston Webb promoting PG Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering PG students will be hosting a pop up stand in Aston Webb with information about available PG programmes. We will also be able to answer any admissions related questions that will help current final year student to apply to the variety of Civil Engineering programmes offered.

The stand will be in Aston Webb as this is where most Geology and Earth Sciences students spend their time. This will be hosted by the PG Senior Admissions Tutor and Civil Engineering academics where available. Snacks will be available.

 19/3/19 Drop in between 11.00 - 1.00pm Aston Webb    
Using Tutor feedback effectively in STEM Understanding what your tutor wants you to do will make it easier to act on suggestions and improve your grades. This session will help postgraduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths subjects  (STEM)  Arts & Humanities to reflect on what tutors mean in assignment feedback and be ready to act on it. 19/3/19  10.00 - 12noon University House 110
Applying for Masters and PhDs - Application and Funding Advice This 90 minute workshop is an opportunity for those interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD after graduation to find out more about why do further study, what the application process involves, and what funding opportunities are available. 19/3/19 2.00 - 4.00pm See webpage for details
Environmental Health and Air Pollution, Management and Control  An information session with a focus on employability. Former students who are practitioners will be at the sessions to talk about how the courses have helped their career. The talk will be held in the first half hour of the session, and students are welcome to drop in.  19/3/19 11.00 - 1.00pm Geography 311
Critical thinking: Moving up a gear  Have you recently started your postgraduate studies? Are you unsure of how to move on from undergraduate expectations and boost the quality of your assignments? This session will give tips on improving criticality and way to show this clearly in your academic writing. The session is aimed at international students in particular but is open to all.  20/3/19 10.00 - 11.00am Nuffield G17

 Postgraduate Speed Dating Final year undergraduates considering further study on a PhD or MSci (Res) programme will be able to move in small groups around a series of stations, each manned by a pair of current PhD students and recent postgraduate alumni to discuss various aspects of carrying out a PhD and the skills required to do so.

  • Adjusting from undergraduate life - what's different, coping with challenges
  • The untypical PhD student - diversity in PhD students
  • Developing your thesis and research ideas. A PhD is not 9-5
  • Developing research and literature skills
  • Developing networking & employability skills
  • What is a thesis and how do I write (a good) one?
 20/3/19 From 1.30pm Basement of Mech Eng (rooms B01 and B05)
Introduction to MA Translation Studies 

Presentation of MA Translation Studies and taster lecture

20/3/19 2.00-3.00pm

Room G04, Strathcona Building (R18)

Earth Sciences: Mysteries of the Deep  Guided tour of the Lapworth Museum temporary exhibition about scientific ocean drilling and micropaleontology. Refreshments will be available. 20/3/19  4.00 - 5.00pm Lapworth Museum of Geology
Careers in Translation: Q&A with our MA graduates Presentations and Q&A session with some of our recent graduates 20/3/19 3.00 - 4.00pm Room G19, Strathcona Building (R18)
Insider Secrets

 The session aims to bring prospective and current postgraduate researchers together to share useful tips about postgraduate life at the University of Birmingham. The event will include:

  • Practical tips on pursuing a research degree (e.g. managing your research, working with your supervisor, managing your wellbeing)
  • Opportunity to ask questions about postgraduate research experience to current postgraduate researchers and members of staff
  • Buffet lunch and refreshments
 20/3/19 11.30 - 12.30pm Westmere House Seminar Room
Pop up stand promoting PG Civil and Electrical Engineering

Our senior PG admissions tutor and Civil Engineering academics will be hosting a pop-up stand in the Engineering Lounge to chat about Civil and Electrical PG Engineering programmes among UG Engineering students. Students will be able to find out about what programmes are available and discuss studying for an engineering MSc at the university. Snacks will be available.

21/3/19 Drop in between 11.00 - 1.00pm  Engineering Lounge
Independent learning: Taking off the training wheels  Starting postgraduate studies means doing and finding out more for yourself without the tutors’ help. But this can be challenging if you’re not used to this way of teaching and learning. This session will give you some tips on how to become a confident independent learner destined to succeed. 21/3/19 10.00 - 11.00am Old Gym LG06
PGR Funding Panel Available here: 25/3/19 2.30 - 4.00pm Westmere House Seminar Room

The week of 18-22 March will be a very special one on campus as the University will also host THREE Nobel Laureates who are visiting the Institute of Advanced Studies for a special event. Read more about this by visiting

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Professor Jean Marie Lehn is famous for his pioneering work in using non-covalent interactions to assemble supra-molecular nanostructure which revolutionised the field of synthetic chemistry. He will speak on Monday 18th March at 2pm in Ha101:  Sign up at

Nobel Laureate Professor Ada Yonath, an inspirational scientist famous for her work at the Chemistry-Biology interface on the structure and action of the ribosome, will speak on Thursday 21st at 5.30pm in Ha101.  Sign up at

Particle Physics Nobel Laureate Professor David Gross, famous for his work on the theory of the strong nuclear force, one of the key forces in particle physics, and his seminal contributions in seeking a unified theory of all the forces of nature, will speak on Wednesday 20th at 6pm in Physics.  Sign up at