Dr Samantha Schnobel

Dr Samantha Schnobel

Birmingham Law School

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
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Samantha’s primary research interests lie in the fields of tort and property, specifically those areas which bear upon the construction of human and nonhuman health-related negligence claims. Samantha has recently completed her doctoral thesis entitled ‘The Object of Veterinary Care’, which addresses the professional negligence liability of veterinarians and the status of animals under the law. 


  • BA cum laude in History (Concentrations in Classical and Renaissance History) and Ethics, University of Northern Iowa
  • LLB (Hon.) (University of Birmingham)
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD (University of Birmingham)


Samantha graduated from the University of Birmingham with an Honours LLB in 2011. While at Birmingham, she also completed a dissertation on novel forms of actionable damage, looking specifically at the status of companion animals within veterinary negligence actions. Samantha then worked for a year contributing quarterly updates and written additions to the text “Damages for Breach of Contract” by Harvin D. Pitch and Ronald M. Snyder. During that same year, she co-authored a paper discussing recent developments in the fields of contract and tort law for the Law Society of Upper Canada. In 2012, she returned to Birmingham Law School as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant and PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Claire McIvor and Professor Marie Fox. 


  • 2015-2016: Land and Legal Issues in Health Care
  • 2012-2014: Tort


Samantha’s research interests lie in the fields of professional negligence and ethics, specifically in the areas of human and nonhuman medicine.  Her research focuses on the legal and ethical considerations pertaining to the duty of care in human and non-human health-related negligence claims.     

Other activities

Papers and Presentations:

  • “Tails Wagging Dogs and Putting Carts before Horses: The Importance of Actionable Damage in Veterinary Negligence”- HEAL Seminar Series, University of Southampton- September 2015
  • ‘Veterinary Negligence and Animal Law Discourse: Theories on Damage and Harm’- Perspectives on Non-Human Bodies: Regulating and Contemplating the Vulnerable, University of Birmingham- November 2014
  • ‘Veterinary Negligence and Judicial Incertitude’- SLS Conference, University of Nottingham- September 2014
  • ‘Spot Goes to the Vet: Veterinary Negligence and Judicial Incertitude’- PGR Conference: Transcending the Boundaries in the Law- June 2014
  • ‘Navigating the NCA: Obtaining Legal Accreditation in Canada’ – Birmingham Law School- November 2013
  • 'Veterinary Negligence: Bioethical and Tortious Implications'- PGR Research Conference: Crossing Boundaries in Legal Research- May 2013



  • Samantha Schnobel, ‘Veterinary Negligence: Ethical and Legal Perspectives on Formulating a Duty of Care’ (1 October 2014) Revaluing Care Research Network
  • Harvin D. Pitch and Samantha Schnobel, ‘Contract and Tort: Some Recent Developments’ (2012) Law Society of Upper Canada