About us

Our unique degrees have been designed to provide both academic excellence and vocational development, a balance highly sought after by employers and graduates in today's intellectual and creative industries.

We are committed to excellence in research and teaching. Our staff and postgraduate students are at the forefront of interdisciplinary research into literature, culture, history, film and TV, politics and international relations. Our multi-disciplinary degree programme gives students a broad base of knowledge and skills for their future careers, whilst progressive specialization is always encouraged.

The Centre has student exchange programmes with over a dozen US and Canadian Universities, from the West Coast to the East.

The Centre has also developed collaborative partnerships with internationally-prominent institutions in Iran (the University of Tehran), China (Huazhong University for Science and Technology and Shanghai Maritime University), Ireland (University College Dublin), Holland (the Roosevelt Centre), Berlin (the Free University, Berlin and University of Bonn), Canada (Dalhousie University) and Japan (Doshisha University, Kyoto, Sophia University, Tokyo and the University of Tokyo).