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The American and Canadian Studies Centre aims to develop and promote the study of Canada and the United States in Birmingham, and the wider United Kingdom, from a transnational perspective. The centre aims to engage in, and support, innovative and collaborative research practice both within academia and beyond.


Posted 15 June 2020

The Know Show: New York, New York: Modern American Poetry

Rona Cran discusses various aspects of the poetry of New York City, including friendship, resistance and space, and how New York's poetry has evolved over time in light of social and economic changes in the city.

Posted 29 May 2020

No Place for the State

Dr Steve Hewitt contributes to a new publication looking at the origins and legacies of the 1969 Omnibus Bill in Canada.

Posted 24 October 2019

It could have been worse for Justin Trudeau

Dr Steve Hewitt, Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and the American and Canadian Studies Research Centre writes on the the Trudeau brand

Posted 09 September 2019

Kenneth Koch Uncorked

Carcanet Press blogpost by PhD student and poet Jeremy Over.

Posted 15 March 2019

People & Pages, 26th February, Wayland's Yard

An arsenal of Midlands poets offered up readings tacitly concerning how Midlands identity can be approached from diverse, and intentionally surprising, angles. at the 'People & Pages' event at Wayland's Yard café.

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