49th Parallel website relaunch

Writing on behalf of the new editorial team, I am delighted to announce the publication of the latest issue of 49th Parallel, an interdisciplinary journal of American and Canadian Studies, run by postgraduates. This is our first issue as editors and also the first issue to be published on our new website.

We are all very excited about the current direction of the journal and hope to further the proud legacy it has developed since its inception over a decade ago. Following the lead of the previous editors, 49th Parallel has become a formal collaboration between the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham. We hope this expansion will help facilitate quarterly publishing and enable the journal to grow in new and dynamic ways.

Our aims as new editors reflect 49th Parallel's founding credo: to transcend traditional boundaries and promote innovative and challenging academic work. We view the journal as a dynamic forum for examining the political, cultural and global dimensions of North America, with a keen interest in exploring how physical and conceptual borders are buttressed or crossed.

The website redesign is intended to not just attract new readers and contributors, but also to allow the journal to integrate with the new online environment which is increasingly shaping academic discourse. Readers can currently share articles and interact with the journal through Twitter (@49th__Parallel) and Facebook. We also want to keep the site active and regularly updated, ensuring readers have a reason to come back between issues. We are also linking up with the cutting-edge site EA Worldview, which will shortly provide a forum for readers to discuss and debate articles. Alongside the written content, our new issue features a video roundtable, a medium we aim to engage with more in the future.

We hope you enjoy the issue and perhaps even consider submitting an article. Please email us at 49thParallel@bham.ac.uk with any questions, suggestions or submissions and follow us on Twitter @49th__Parallel.


John Horne
Hannah Durkin, Ben Offiler, Ceren Sengezer