American and Canadian Studies student interns with Maverick Television

Lucy Vernon worked as MaverickTelevision’s Development Intern from 2 July to 27 July 2012. This was a bespoke internship created in partnership with the University of Birmingham.

During her time at Maverick, Lucy was responsible for researching and writing proposals and participating in run-throughs of programme ideas. She also worked as a runner for a Maverick show being filmed in Bristol and also spent a day observing an edit for a CBBC programme.

Lucy explains that as an interns, 'I have learnt how to work to deadlines and how to take criticism constructively. When I am asked to change something I have done or do some extra work, it is not an attack on me; it’s just that it needs to be done right.' As well as providing valuable experience, Lucy notes that working as an intern with a TV company has added benefits: 'In a few months time when something gets aired on TV, I can be like, “I helped make that happen!”'

Lucy was part-funded by the university’s UK Professional Bursary scheme.