American and Canadian Studies student sees Barack Obama ... twice!


Tilly Salter has just started her Year Abroad at the University of Iowa, and the experience is already exceeding expectations:

"Whenever I told people I was doing my year abroad in Iowa, they were always a bit rude saying it would be boring because it is in the Mid West etc. Well, they were most definitely wrong. I have been here a month and have had the chance to see President Obama speak not once, but twice! Iowa is an important state in the election process, it holds the first presidential caucus and as a result Obama pays particular attention to it. I first saw him speak in the state capital, Des Moines. This was great - he put on a free concert with The National and then he spoke afterwards.

On Friday 7 September 2012 Obama actually came to the University and spoke on campus. This was particularly exciting because he bought Vice President Joe Biden along with him! Each time I saw Obama speak I was completely blown away by his skill as a public speaker and the atmosphere his inspirational speeches created. I was so close to him on Friday that had it not been for the nine people in front of me, I probably could have smelt him! Obama's visits have definitely been the highlights of my stay so far, Iowa is much more exciting than people said it would be!"