English and American and Canadian Studies student summer internship in Washington DC

Before starting the final year of her joint honours degree in English and American and Canadian Studies at Birmingham, Kasey Robinson has been working as an intern in the Public Affairs Department/ Office of Commemorations of the US Navy in Washington DC.

Kasey explains: “Besides getting to live and work in one of the most exciting cities in the world, my time here has given me fantastic insight into the working world and provided me a priceless opportunity to network with professionals that will, once I have graduated help me get a job in a similar field.

My internship was based on the celebration of the Bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812, so most of the projects that I have worked on so far have been related to that. Along with the two other interns we have been responsible for the media research and analysis (print, television and social media) of events in each of the East Coast cities in order to gage the level at which the Navy are "communicating" with the public.

I also independently worked on a project for the upcoming annual Navy outreach meeting- my submission was a piece on how to use social media to get young people interested in the Navy, and was actually submitted by my boss to the Pentagon.”

As well as lots of hard work the internship has involved travel to Maryland, New York and Virginia, while, as Kasey found out, living in DC can be quite dramatic: “I also saw Obama land in his helicopter when I was on the mall playing softball ... and it's safe to say I did not remain composed!”

Kasey was part-funded by the university’s Gateway Bursary scheme, more details can be found at http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/internships/funding/gateway/index.aspx