There are many organisations in the Birmingham area and beyond, with an interest in Africa, its culture and its people.  Here we highlight a few of these organisations.*  

Afro-Caribbean Community Association
Day Centre, Youth Centre and Social Club based in Walsall, West Midlands.

African Community Council for the Regions
An efficient and effective user-friendly service that aims to alleviate and improve ill-health and economic deprivation, remove the barriers to social, educational and vocational achievement, and combat the disadvantages, discrimination, unemployment, hardship and distress of African individuals and communities.

Afro-Caribbean Millennium Centre
An organization with a history spanning a quarter of a century.

Birmingham Central Library (Archives and Heritage, Connecting Histories Programme)
Britain today is commonly portrayed as a multicultural nation. However, the diverse historical experiences which constitute the story of this ‘new’ Britain are less well known. The history of the West Midlands in the 20th century is central to this story but the stories that make up this history remain largely hidden in archive collections. Connecting Historiesaimed to release the potential of these collections so that connections can be made between the past and the present and thereby encourage debate about our shared identities, our common sense of belonging and our multiple heritages.

The Drum
The Drum is dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary art and culture of British African, Asian and Caribbean communities. Through its various initiatives, The Drum located in Aston, Birmingham, will continually strive to become a centre of national and international renown firmly rooted within its local community.

Kogi State Association (UK)
Local association in its early stages, overseen by Dr Muhhamed.

Midlands Artists in West Africa (MAiWA Forum)
The Midlands Artists in West Africa Forum (MAiWA Forum) is an open-access forum for creative practitioners in the West Midlands whose work is connected to West Africa - including artists, makers, writers and other creative practitioners in the region.

This artist-led initiative will provide a platform for dialogue across disciplines between practitioners. Forum members will have the opportunity to share and reflect on practice and to explore how cross-cultural experience can be used to enrich our ways of working. In so doing, we aim to establish a community in the West Midlands for internationally-minded creative practitioners to collaborate, discuss, network and develop in an outward facing environment.

To become involved and help shape the development of MAiWA Forum, please join the Facebook group:

For more information please contact Joanna Skelt or Siân Conway by emailing:

United Nigeria Welfare Association
The main local community group for Nigerian students.

*Please note that University of Birmingham does not officially endorse any of the organisations listed here.