End of Life

Group lead: Collette Clifford and Jo Coast


This group is working on a range of projects that focus around end of life care issues across the lifespan and health care spectrum.

Our Research Group

The activities in this programme focus upon initiatives designed to enhance End of Life Care. Our aim is to help people with advanced progressive incurable illness to live as well as possible until they die and to contribute to the support available to the bereaved.The programme team is multidisciplinary reflecting the range of professional interests in the University departments, and clinicians in a variety of healthcare settings.

End of life care has several strands:

1. Evaluating end of life care management in Care homes and in the community

2. Acute care work focuses on the context of end of life experiences for staff and patients in intensive care and accident and emergency department and sudden death and bereavement

3. Delivery of children services at end of life is focused on care delivered in the community and hospices sectors

4. Economic of end of Life care

Research group members

Alistair Hewison

New post docs

Nikos Esthafinou, Cara Bailey,
Amelia Williamson

Health Economics team

Hugh McCleod