Ethics and Medical Humanities

Jonathan Reinarz (Medical Humanities)

The ethics group work on a wide range of biomedical ethical issues related to clinical practice and research, medical education and bioethics more broadly conceived. We are distinctively identified with empirical bioethics as a methodology but also produce high quality, internationally recognised publications in philosophical bioethics. The group provides ethics support to research teams across the College of medical and dental sciences, are part of local trusts’ clinical ethics committees and serve on national groups such as the UK Donation Ethics Committee and Human Genetics Commission.

Areas of research interest include:

  • Educational Research
  • Empirical Bioethics
  • Ethics relating to Parenting, Families and Children
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Research Ethics
  • Medical Humanities


Research group members...

Dr June Jones
Dr Jonathan Ives
Ms Catherine Hale
Helen Jones

Medical Humanities:
Dr Jonathan Reinarz
Miss Julia Hyland
Ms Frances Worrall

Honorary Fellows

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