Maternal and Child Health Evidence

Members of the Mother and Child Epidemiology team undertook research with a range of study designs on a variety of topic areas, including childbirth related health problems, postnatal care, maternity care in deprived populations, postnatal depression, urinary and faecal incontinence, breastfeeding support, smoking in pregnancy and maternity care in the developing world. 


Randomised controlled trials evaluating interventions, such as low dose epidural techniques, redesigned postnatal care, breastfeeding peer support and traditional birth attendants in Pakistan have been completed, as well as large-scale observational studies with record linkage and cohort studies.

We aimed to:

  • facilitate the incorporation of research based evidence (and where evidence is lacking, examples of good practice) into commissioning, delivery and monitoring of maternity services in the West Midlands.
  • undertake high quality research generated by the team identifying the gaps in the evidence; and from consultations with health commissioners and providers, to assist in the evaluation of service delivery.

The Team

Professor Christine MacArthur is a leading expert on childbirth-related health and postnatal care research and contributed to the postbirth NSF.

Dr Sara Kenyon is a maternity researcher with experience of quantitative and qualitative research.

Elaine Kidney, Research Disseminator

Relevant Publications

In press

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