B-Film is an interdisciplinary, international research centre at the University of Birmingham. It consists of a multi-disciplinary cohort of film scholars and collaborates with national and international universities and institutions. B-Film is defined by its research expertise, major research projects and its contribution to scholarship and film culture on a local and global scale.

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Posted 19 April 2018

Dr Kate Ince secures £36,000 AHRC Network grant

Dr Kate Ince, Reader in French Film and Gender Studies in the School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music, has secured a £36,000 AHRC Network grant to run the project 'Serge Daney and Queer Cinephilia.'

Posted 25 January 2018

The Mirror Not Easily Seen Through by Hui-Han Chen

Tarkovsky's Mirror has been widely regarded as his most enigmatic film, due to its non-linear storyline and the combination of newsreel footage with fictional filmic sequences, and his most autobiographical work, with the film based on true incidents which took place in Tarkovsky's life.

Posted 05 January 2018

Call Me by your Name

Luis Freijo reviews Call Me by your Name in this latest blog post.

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