Undergraduate study in Film and Television

One particular benefit of the film course is it was less restrictive, as part of each year I got to study European film, which certainly expanded my horizons. It not only gave me perspective on the American modules, but was a window which guarded against narrowing my academic thought or topic choices too quickly."

Photograph of two undergraduate students in conversation

Another of the most memorable parts of the course was the liveliness and helpfulness of the lecturers.  The mixture of small and large group seminars/lectures meant that intimate, focused spaces were complemented by more general arenas of opinion and information."

For me, one of the most important aspects of the ACS and Film Joint Honours is that you can explore your creativity at the same time as developing your intellect, particularly along with the literature aspects of American Studies; upon graduation I am pursuing a postgraduate course in Creative Writing and Publishing, while still pursuing practical filmmaking, having secured a job in the meantime working on adverts for a jewellery company over the summer, to gain experience for future freelancing."

I would say that the Joint Honours with film course has helped me find my feet, politically, socially, and academically, and more than prepared me for life post-university."