Honorary Director

Photo of Professor Susan Bassnett, Honorary Director of the Birmingham Centre for Translation

Professor Susan Bassnett

Professor of Comparative Literature and Special Advisor in Translation Studies at the University of Warwick.


Photo of Gabriela Saldanha

Dr Gabriela Saldanha
Director of the Birmingham Centre for Translation
Department of Modern Languages: Translation Studies

Translator style, reception of literary translations in the UK book market, translation and gender, corpus-based translation studies.

Steering Committee

Photograph of Dr Hilary Brown

Dr Hilary Brown
Department of Modern Languages: German Studies

History of translation in Enlightenment Europe; female translators; literary translation, especially the work of ‘author-translators’.                         


Photo of Angela Kershaw

Dr Angela Kershaw
Department of Modern Languages: French Studies

Reception of literary translation in the contemporary UK book market; translation and reception of contemporary French fiction about the Second World War and the Holocaust.


Photo of Sofia Malamatidou

Dr Sofia Malamatidou
Department of Modern Languages: Translation Studies

Corpus-based translation studies, translation and language change, scientific translation and textual and intertextual analyses of translated texts.


Photograph of Dr Monica BorgMonica Borg
Department of Modern Languages: Italian Studies

A professional translator with a record of published volumes translated for academic publishers in Italy, the UK and Malta.  I have research expertise and interests in the area of translation and interpreting studies, cross-cultural aspects of translation and the history of translation and interpreting practices.


Photograph of Clelia BoscoloClelia Boscolo
Department of Modern Languages: Italian Studies

A practising translator, interpreter, proof-reader, teacher, author and examiner with over 30 years' experience in the following areas: Academic (history, philosophy, political science, psychology), Literary, Commercial, Scientific, Medical, Technical and Legal. Her research interests include translation studies and translation pedagogy.


Dr Philip Burton
Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Translation into and from Greek and Latin; ancient Latin biblical translations; applicability of modern translation theories to ancient texts; translations as linguistic documents; translation of classical texts into English in the modern era; translations and adaptations, notably by Rudyard Kipling and Robert Graves; the Penguin era.


Dr Anissa DaoudiDr Anissa Daoudi
Department of Modern Languages: Languages for All

Translation and new media, with particular reference to the Arabic-speaking region; translation and popular culture; gender and language use in the context of translation.


photo of Professor Steve EllisProfessor Steve Ellis
Department of English

Steve Ellis has published a well-received verse translation of Dante's Inferno, available in Vintage Classics. At present he is working on translating the other two parts of the Divine Comedy.


Danielle FullerDr Danielle Fuller
Department of English

Transcultural reading, the politics of cultural production and the reception of literature within different communities of readers.


Bob HollandRobert Holland
Department of English

News translation, the role of translation in the representation of discourse and ideology, intercultural communication.


Photograph of Dr Elizabeth L'EstrangeDr Elizabeth L’Estrange
Department of Art History, Film and Visual Studies

Late medieval and early modern art and illuminated manuscripts; text-image relations; the library of Anne de Graville and her translation of Boccaccio's Teseida for Queen Claude of France.


Dr Elisenda Marcer
Department of Modern Languages: Hispanic Studies

Twentieth- and twenty-first-century Catalan poetry and narrative. Intertextual analysis of translated texts; stylistic approaches to literary translation.


Photo of Gideon NisbetDr Gideon Nisbet
Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Representation of ancient Greece and Rome to reading and viewing publics, particularly in contemporary popular media; the role of translation and non-fiction in explaining antiquity to non-elite audiences.



Photograph of Dr Natasha RulyovaDr Natalia Rulyova
Department of Modern Languages: Russian Studies

'Twentieth-century Russian poetry (Joseph Brodsky's poetry and auto-translations) ; genre and translation.



Dr Diana Spencer

Dr Diana Spencer
Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Rome’s reception of Greece, including language and genre translation issues; the reception of Rome in the post-Classical world.                              



Photograph of Dr Elena TheodorakopoulosDr Elena Theodorakopoulos
Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Translation/adaptation of classical literature by women writers; the reception of classical literature and myth in contemporary writing by women.


Emma-TylerDr Emma Tyler
Department of Modern Languages: French Studies

Emma Tyler holds the IoL Diploma in Translation, has worked as a translator and an interpreter for the French Trade Commission and is an associate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. In June 2010, she won the New Talent in Translation prize, organised by the French Embassy's Book Office. She teaches specialist translation options at UG and at PG level.


Photograoh of Michael ToolanProfessor Michael Toolan
Department of English

Stylistic analysis of literary translations.


Photo of professor dimitris tziovasProfessor Dimitris Tziovas
Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

Translation and adaptation in the reception of Greek antiquity; interlingual translation with special emphasis on ancient, medieval and modern Greek; translation and the construction of diasporic identities; translations of Modern Greek literature.


Photo of Paolo de VenturaDr Paolo de Ventura
Department of Modern Languages: Italian Studies

Translations, reception, afterlives and rewritings of Dante’s Comedy in Victorian circles (the Rossettis in particular) and in the Anglo-American tradition (from Longfellow to the Hollanders).


Photo of Andrew WattsDr Andrew Watts
Department of Modern Languages: French Studies

Nineteenth-century French literature and film adaptation; contemporary ‘re-imaginings’ of nineteenth-century literature.


emma-wagstaff-profileDr Emma Wagstaff
Department of Modern Languages: French Studies

Poetry translation, French poets' translation activity, and relationships between twentieth- and twenty-first century European poets.


Photograph of Dr Gillian WrightDr Gillian Wright
Department of English

The production and reception of literary translation by British and Irish women, c. 1550-1750; gendered access to classical literature; gender and neo-stoicism.


Dr Xiaohui Yuan
Department of Modern Languages

I hold a PhD in Translation Studies. My research interests include intercultural pragmatics in translation and interpreting, interpreter’s roles and neutrality, user response to translated texts and audio-visual translation, using translation and interpreting in mediation, and cultural influence on mediation.