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9 September 2017 10:00-16:00 UoB Undergraduate Open Day Learning Centre, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus potential undergraduate students can come and visit the BIFoR stand at the Open Day.
14 September 2017  11:00-16:00  BIFoR FACE National Community Meeting University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus More details are below contact to reserve a space
16-18th September 2017  All day  Welcome week University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus  New to the University? come and find out more about BIFoR at the Welcome Marquee
 10 October 2017  All day  Women's Instiute Council Meeting  Staffordshire  BIFoR will have a stand at the Women's Institute Annual Council Meeting- Staffordshire

Please join us for the annual national Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) FACE Science Community Meeting,  which will take place at the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus on Thursday 14 September 2017, 11:00-16:00.

This year we will focus on BIFoR’s principal science platform: the Free-Air Carbon Enrichment (FACE) Facility. BIFoR FACE is designed to provide a step-change in understanding how forests will respond to future increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.  In April 2017 we successfully started to elevate the level of carbon dioxide in three, 25 metre-wide, cylindrical patches of established, semi-natural woodland.  We will show statistics on the operation of the BIFoR FACE Facility and present early science results.

The day will run as a series of presentations, followed by poster presentations, lunch, and workshops to discuss how to increase science projects at BIFoR FACE.

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