Postgraduate Study with the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR)

BIFoR advertise PhD opportunities on the website FindAPhD - follow the weblink to the BIFoR pages here. Opportunities are also listed on the University of Birmingham Doctoral ReSEARCHer Database.

The University of Birmingham is looking to recruit up to 40 new Birmingham Fellows across all of our academic disciplines, and within the five Colleges of: Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, and Social Sciences.  If you are an early-career research with research interests related to BIFoR please do get in touch with Deanne Brettle who will be able to direct your enquiry.

The Birmingham Fellowship programme offers five years of protected time for high-quality research, allowing outstanding, high potential, early-career researchers of all ages to establish themselves as rounded academics who will go on to excel in their academic discipline across research, teaching and wider citizenship. All Fellowships come with a permanent academic post at the University.

We currently have PhD opportunities the Data, Risk and Environmental Analytical Methonds (DREAM) Centres for Doctoral Training.                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DREAM is a Centre for Doctoral Training in ‘Data, Risk and Environmental Analytical Methods’, established between four leading Universities – Cranfield, Newcastle, Cambridge, and Birmingham

Risk of sudden tree death by water stress – BIG DATA for reducing uncertainties in forest hydrology 

Elucidating the impact of carbon dioxide enhancement on fungal and fungal-like plant pathogen dynamics

BIFoR do not currently offer any taught research postgraduate courses.  However, students interested in our research themes may like to consider some of the following courses.

Currently some of the students enrolled in these courses are volunteering with BIFoR and/or using the BIFoR FACE facility for their end of year project.

We are always interested to talk to people who are looking for that next exciting step in their research career.  If you are looking for fellowship openings please take a moment to look at the Birmingham Fellowships webpages. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.