Who's who in BIFoR natural science


The Directors of BIFoR are Professor Rob MacKenzie and Professor Michael Tausz.  The Director for Education within BIFoR is Dr Jerry Pritchard. In 2017, we will also welcome Dr Sabine Tausz-Posch a Lecturer in Plant Sciences and expert in the nutritional quality of seeds.  

In 2016 we welcomed Dr Tom Pugh, a forest biogeochemistry modeller with interests currently focused on drought effects and tree mortality and Dr Sami Ullah, an expert in greenhouse gas emissions from soils.  In addition, two Birmingham Fellows with BIFoR related interests were recruited, Dr Iain Johnston and Dr Eloïse Marais.   We are developing strong links with the University of Birmingham Centre of Computational Biology through the appointment of Professor James Bentley (Ben) Brown, a world-leading authority on the impact of genes beyond the organism.

Five PhD students started their research specifically at BIFoR FACE in 2016.  They are expertly supported by a team of academic staff from across Biosciences and Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences, including Dr Rebecca Bartlett, Dr Rosemary Dyson (Mathematics), Dr Iain Hartley (University of Exeter), Dr Scott Hayward, Dr Iain Johnston, Prof Stefan Krause, Dr Francis Pope, Dr Jeremy Pritchard, Prof Jon Sadler and Dr Zongbo Shi.

BIFoR Champions

Throughout the University we also have some BIFoR Champions.  Our College Representatives are: