About us 

A strong postgraduate and postdoctoral community reinforces our active and varied research culture.

The Centre's staff cover between them a wide range of fields and expertise in respect of both the history and the languages of the East Mediterranean region, including: late Roman and early, middle and late Byzantine history, culture and archaeology, Islamic history of the medieval and modern periods; Turkish and central Asian history from the early medieval to modern period; Balkan, particularly Greek, history up to the present day; international relations, particularly between the Great Powers and Balkan and Near Eastern States from the mid-nineteenth century; and modern Greek literature and culture.  

A common focus to the work of the Centre is provided by a fortnightly General Seminar, which attracts leading international scholars. The Centre also acts as host on a three year rotating basis to the International Symposium on Byzantine Studies, and regularly hosts the annual Research Colloquium of the Society for Modern Greek Studies.

The Centre also edits the bi-annual journal Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, the monograph series Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Monographs, and a series of English translations of Modern Greek writers.

Centre mission

  • to unite and support the cross-fertilisation of all subjects relating to the study of the east Mediterranean world from late antiquity to the present
  • to provide a stimulating environment for cross-disciplinary research and inter-cultural dialogue for the wider research community and to offer advanced training in the fields of Byzantine, Ottoman, Modern Greek and Modern East Mediterranean studies for a strong international body of research students with diverse interests
  • to promote the scholarly study of the areas of research competence and expertise represented in the Centre’s current membership through the organisation and convening of seminars, symposia, colloquia and conferences for the benefit of our own students and for the wider public
  • to contribute to the expansion and development of knowledge through the Centre’s specialised research publications