Report on the 46th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

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Despite the 48 hours of snowfalls that preceded it, the 46th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (March 23 -25, 2013), organised by Dr Archie Dunn for the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies of the IAA, went ahead! 

This annual conference returns to Birmingham University every third year, having been founded here as the first meeting in the UK dedicated to the field of Byzantine Studies. It continues to meet annually thanks to the generosity of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies and other charitable foundations and benefactors. 

This year’s theme, “Byzantine Greece: microcosm of empire?”, turned the spotlight onto the richly documented historically defined Greek space. 

Recent research into the history, archaeology, art, and architecture of the region was explored by 52 speakers in five sessions of lectures and six sessions of communications.

In addition there were Open Lectures: by the director of the Byzantine Section of the Greek Archaeological Service, Dr Eugenia Gerousi, about the Service’s dramatic discoveries and challenges (e.g, as they excavate in advance of the new Metro of the city of Thessaloniki); and by Dr Amalia Kakisis, archivist of the British School at Athens, on its remarkable archives dating from the 1880s onwards, of drawings, paintings and photographs of Byzantine Greek monuments. 

Specially commissioned photographic exhibitions coincided with the conference. The proceedings will be published.

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