CBOMGS doctoral student awarded research position

After successful completion of her PhD, ‘Indo-Byzantine exchange 4th-7th centuries: a global history’ (passed with minor corrections 24th February 2014, graduation expected June-December 2014), CBOMGS doctoral researcher Rebecca Darley has been awarded a postdoctoral position in a project recently launched by the Warburg Institute, University of London.

‘”Bilderfahrzeuge” – Warburg’s legacy and the future of iconology’ is a three- to five-year project bringing together institutions in London, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and Florence to examine movement and transfer of material, images and ideas and discussions about these movements.

Within the project, Rebecca’s research focuses on narratives of travel and the material evidence (especially Roman and Byzantine coins) related to fourth- to seventh-century movement between the Roman/Byzantine Empire and south India and Sri Lanka, and the historiography of Indo-Roman trade.

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