CBOMGS doctoral researcher awarded a short-term fellowship at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence

Andrea Mattiello, a final year doctoral researcher in CBOMGS, has been awarded a short-term research fellowship at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence for the New Research on Local Renaissances project in collaboration with the ERC/HistAntArtSi project for the academic year 2016-2017.

A fresco at Mystra

The Kunsthistorisches Institut is an institute in Florence, Italy, administered by the Max-Planck Institute. It is one of the oldest research institutions dedicated to the History of Art and Architecture in Italy, and possesses an extensive collection of archival material relating to European, Mediterranean and Global History.  

Andrea is delighted to have been offered this opportunity, and will spend his time at the institute undertaking new research on antiquarian interest in the visual culture of the Late Palaiologan court at Mystras, Greece. Andrea’s project aims to analyse a series of frescoes and sculptural artefacts from the churches in the city of Mystras in relation to early modern interests in antiquity and the development of ideals associated with the classical past.

Founded as a Frankish fortification in 1249, Mystras developed into a Byzantine capital city, as the seat of the Despot of Morea. From the mid-14th century Mystras was an important centre for the political, economic and intellectual life of the Empire. Andrea’s research will also focus on the complex interactions of the imperial court at Mystra and Italy in this period.