Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
Doctoral researcher

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  • Degree in History, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2014
  • MRes in Byzantine Studies, University of Birmingham, 2015


My interest in History arose from an informal combination of Tolkien books, videogames and radio programmes. I started my degree hoping to become a history teacher. Soon, I focused my interest in Byzantium and its ideology and society in the middle period (8th-12th centuries). Since then, I have enjoyed both researching and promoting Byzantine history through different activities directed at both academics and non-academics in the United Kingdom and in Spain. I started my studies in Birmimgham as an MRes in 2014, and I’ve just begun my PhD, funded by Midlands3Cities, AHRC.


  • Teaching Assistant for Historia Medieval II (Medieval History 2), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spring 2014.
  • Teaching Assistant for  Historia del Mediterráneo en la Edad Media (Mediterranean Medieval History), Universidad de Granada, Autumn 2014.
  • Teaching Assistant for La Europa Tardomedieval (Late Medieval History), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spring 2015.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Power in Eleventh-Century Byzantium: Re-thinking its Nature from an Interdisciplinary Approach
Professor Leslie Brubaker
Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)


My study arises from detecting a lack of historiographical revision in Byzantine Studies in such a multi-faced and problematic concept as “power.” That concept has constituted, and still does, the centre of modern debates in other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and philosophy. My intention is to take leading conceptions and debates about power elsewhere and to apply them to eleventh-century Byzantium. Such a pursuit may include diverse topics in the fields of literary criticism, gender studies, church history and Christian theology. My interest is also focused on how other historians developed similar multi-disciplinary studies in other historical contexts.

Other activities


  • Poster in the III Jornadas de Estudios Medievales Hispánicos (3rd Journey of Hispanic Medieval Studies) titled ‘Manuel Comneno y la influencia bizantina en los “estados” cruzados’ (‘Manuel Komnenos and the Byzantine influence in the crusader states’). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, April 2013.
  • Paper in the XVI Jornadas de Bizancio titled ‘La percepción bizantina de Occidente a través de la obra cronística de Juan Cinnamo’ (‘The Byzantine Perception of the West through the chronicle of Ioannis Kinnamos’). Alcalá de Henares, October 2013.
  • Collaboration in the College of Arts and Law Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Workshop ‘Power and Identity: Representations, Transformations and Conflicts’, with a paper titled ‘Power in 11th Century Byzantium: seeking for a new approach. Goals, tools, challenges.’ University of Birmingham, 30th March 2015.
  • Presentation with Marina Diaz Bourgeal in the V Jornadas de Estudios Medievales Hispánicos (5th Journey of Hispanic Medieval Studies) titled ‘El cantar del Mio Cid y el poema del Diyenís Akritas [Manuscrito del Escorial]. Un estudio comparativo desde el legado clásico’ (‘The poem of Mio Cid and the poem of Digenis Akritas [El Escorial Manuscript]. A comparative study from the classic legacy’). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, April 2013.
  • Paper in the CBOMGS 16th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium, titled ‘Literary Descriptions of the Eleventh Century Byzantine Empire’. University of Birmingham, 30th May 2015.


  • Honorary member and Vice-president (academic year 2014-2015) of the Asociación Cultura y Pensamiento en la Antigüedad (Ancient History Student Society) in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. As an undergraduate student, I organized and taught two courses on Byzantine History in collaboration with this society:
    • I Curso de Historia Bizantina (6 hours taught), February – April 2013.
    • II Curso de Historia Bizantina (12 hours taught), February – April 2014.
    • I also took part in other activities organized by them as a collaborator and adviser.
  • Treasurer and Representative of Byzantine Studies of GEM (Gate to Eastern Mediterranean, Student Society for the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies).


  • Beca de Colaboración (Collaboration Fellowship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education) with the Department of Ancient History, Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, academic year 2013-2014.
  • PhD funded by Midland3Cities, AHRC.