David Royle

David Royle

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
Doctoral Researcher

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Title of thesis:  The works of Michael Glykas 

Supervisor: TBC


  • BSc Mathematics, King’s College London
  • BA Modern Greek Language and Literature, King’s College London
  • MSc Computer Science, Birkbeck College London
  • MA Classical Studies, University of Leeds


I am a retired IT project manager with a life-long interest in Greek language and literature. Since retirement I have made the further study of Greek my main interest. I completed an MA at Leeds in 2016, with specialist subject on the Ancient Greek Novel, and it was at Leeds that I first came across the Byzantine Novels, prompting me to take a broader interest in Byzantine literature, which I am now grateful to be able to pursue at Birmingham.

Doctoral research


Michael Glykas is one of the lesser-known twelfth century writers. There is a strongly theological aspect to his writing, which nevertheless is fairly straightforward in terms of language and structure. My research is at an early stage and the broad aim at present is to analyse Glykas’ writing and to place it within its cultural context.