Making and Remaking Food

Brindley place
Friday 28th September 2012 (12:00-18:00)
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Brindleyplace. Hands-on experiment / Personal experience

Chemical Engineering will be hosting a marquee with interactive games and activities around four themes that are important when manufacturing and producing foods:

1. Ingredients: the history of food ingredients, and how ingredients make up final products;

2. Food Design: learn how crisps are made, have a go at producing a foam, learn how factories manufacture foods, and take recipe cards explaining the science of cooking;

3. Perception of Food: how do we taste foods and how do all of our senses help or hinder us when eating foods? Have you ever wondered why you find yourself buying different food in restaurants or supermarkets than you originally intended before you walked in there? Our psychology researchers will show you how your senses are being subtly manipulated to encourage different choices.

4. Future Foods: what will the food of the future be like? How can we produce foods that are healthier, make us feel fuller, or that are more sustainable (and will you try an insect?!)