EC-HVEN is an FP7 IRSES project aiming to establish a framework for global network collaborations in high value engineering, manufacturing and innovation. This project builds on leading expertise along the whole engineering value chain from research, design, development and production, to delivery, service, support, recycling and disposal. This project is coordinated by the University of Birmingham (UOB) and has seven founding partners from the Europe and China. The main strategic objectives (SO) of EC-HVEN include:

  • SO1:   Increasing awareness of the importance and potential value of engineering and networking within the community of high value engineering research.
  • SO2:   Providing a supportive environment for building collaborative research projects focusing on high value engineering capabilities and novel concepts of operations.
  • SO3: Establishing a framework for global network collaborations in high value engineering areas.

EC-HVEN targets at a frontier research area of increasing importance worldwide. It will enhance research partnerships amongst the participants and help establish a long-term and lasting research co-operation. This will shape the agenda for future high value engineering research on an international platform, and eventually place international engineering collaboration on a solid base of scientific theories and enabling technologies.