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Upcoming Events

27th – 28th August 2014
3rd EC-HVEN Annual Workshop and Meeting will take place at the Technical University of Denmark. The meeting programme will be uploaded shortly.

News and preivous events

9th June 2014
High Value Engineering Workshop at Royal Academy of Engineering, London



15 th  Oct 2013
Dr Yufeng Zhang featured live discussing his work on the BBC News channel.

His interview coincided with the governments’ trade trip to China, which saw a number of our academics being asked to comment on the UK’s varying industry links with China.

(right) Dr Zhang live on the BBC News channel

7 th - 9 th Sept 2013
The 2013 EC-HVEN Project Meeting will take place at Hangzhou, Zhejiang University.

21 st - 22 nd April 2013
"A workshop and industrial visits to review the current state of information use to provide engineering support services and complex service networks"  Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.  View event flyer .

22 nd Sept 2012
EC-HVEN kick-off meeting will take place on 22 nd September 2012 at Cambridge, UK.

Summary of events from 1st May 2012 to 30th April 2014

2013.10 Workshop on Joint Innovation in Global product Development, in Oct 2013, Denmark with participation from industries and academics( WP4 ).

2013.10 Workshop "China Power Pathways: Technology Road-mapping", Tsinghua University on 21-23 October 2013, led by Simon Ford and Elliott More( WP3 ).

2013.10 Seminar carried out at Zhejiang and Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities in Dec 2013 by Prof Steve Evans on industrial sustainability( WP7 ).

2013.10 Partner 7-SJTU co-organised the 2013 Global Operations Forum (Theme: Future of Manufacturing Industry in China) on Oct. 17th, 2013 in Shanghai( WP6 ).

2013.09 Workshop on HVEN implementation and application, in Hangzhou, Sept 2013, with participation from all the main research themes( WP1&2 ).

2013.09 Global Manufacturing and China (GMC) Symposium Sept 2013 Hangzhou, above 100 attendees( WP5 ).

2013.07 Workshop on Chinese Manufacturing Innovation: models and mechanisms, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, July 2013( WP5 ).

2013.06 Partner7-SJTU organised the 2013 Shanghai Executive Forum (Theme: Global Supply Chain Strategy in China: Outsourcing, Re-shoring and Near-shoring) on June 4th, 2013 in Shanghai Jiao Tong University( WP6 ).

2013.05 Workshop on key performance indicators for measuring outsourcing and offshoring activities, in May 2013, Denmark, with participation from industries and academics( WP4 ).

2013.04 Workshop on “State of the Art for Data and Information Use within Support Services” in Harbin, 21-22 April 2013( WP6 ).

2013.04 The “Manufacturing Servitization Hangzhou Workshop” was held in Hangzhou on 24th April 2013( WP6 ).

2013.04 Seminar in Zheshen, Guangdong, China, Global Manufacturing and Chinese Industry Evolutions, given by YJ Shi, April 2013( WP5 ).

2013.01 Seminar in IfM, Cambridge University, Chinese Innovations in its Manufacturing Development, given by XB Wu, January 2013( WP5 ).

2013 06 Workshop “Open Innovation” held at Tsinghua University, Beijing, June 2013, about 40 academics and industrialists participated, led by Tim Minshall and Letizia Mortara (WP3).

2012.09 Workshop towards an overall framework for HVEN research, in Cambridge, Sept 2012, with participation from all our partners and main research themes( WP1&2 ).

2012.09 Global Manufacturing and China (GMC) Symposium Sept 2012 Cambridge, above 100 attendees( WP5 ).

2012.07 Workshop on Process Research Methodology and the 2ndary Innovation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, July 2012( WP5 ).