Work Programme


Consortium Structure

EC-HVEN builds on leading expertise in Europe and China along the whole engineering value chain. The seven founding partners, including the University of Birmingham (UOB, P1), the University of Cambridge (UCAM, P2), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, P3), the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT, P4), the Tsinghua University (TSU, P5), the Zhejiang University (ZJU, P6), and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU, P7), bring into this project complementary expertise along the full spectrum of the engineering value chain. The research activities have been organised into eight work packages (WP1-8) focusing on the key elements of the engineering value chain.

Work Packages

WP1 & WP2: Management, Communication and Knowledge Transfer

WP1 & WP2 aim to coordinate the science, budget and commercialisation of EC-HVEN research. The tasks focus on building a strong and dynamic internal network of communication and knowledge sharing, and an accessible interface for global dissemination of information generated within EC-HVEN. These work packages will develop activities for communication and knowledge transfer, organise workshops, promote web based tools, and network within the consortium and to the wider HVEN community of academics, industrialists, policymakers and educators. The WP leaders are Dr Yufeng Zhang (P1) and Professor Sir Mike Gregory (P2).

WP3: Engineering and Technology Management

WP3 aims to understand engineering’s contribution to the creation and production of innovative products and services, and provide guidance for commercialising emerging technologies through international network collaborations. It will exchange, develop and apply advanced methods to analyse and guide industrial emergence based on new technologies and novel engineering capabilities. The WP leaders are Dr David Probert (P2), Professor Jun Su (P5), and Dr Yuan Zhou (P5).

WP4: Engineering Design and Innovation

WP4 aims to explore the changing global landscape of engineering, and understand the long-term implications of engineering off-shoring/outsourcing. It will exchange knowledge and research methods on engineering design and innovation from different cultural perspectives in Europe and China, and provide guidance for the development of global technological platforms and open innovation systems along the engineering value chain. The WP leaders are Dr Tim Minshall (P2), Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen (P3), Professor Jun Su (P5), Dr Yuan Zhou (P5), and Professor Xiaobo Wu (P6).

WP5: International Manufacturing and Engineering

WP5 aims to explore emerging structures and behaviours of international manufacturing systems, and develop research methods and potential areas of collaboration and technology transfer projects focusing on advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies. It will exchange ideas, views, knowledge, and methods among the partners to enhance communication, collaboration, cultural awareness and understanding of current and future needs of international manufacturing and engineering. The WP leaders are Dr Yongjiang Shi (P2), Professor Xiaobo Wu (P6), and Professor Ming Dong (P7).

WP6: Service Engineering and Engineering Services

WP6 aims to understand the internationalisation process of engineering services, and provide consistent engineering capabilities for internationally dispersed manufacturing and servicing systems. This work package will focus on the trends of servisitation, service innovation and the emergence of service sciences in Europe and China. The partners will exchange their research methods and research outputs to establish a common engineering service model focusing on high value engineering areas. The WP leaders are Professor Andy Neely (P2), Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen (P3), Professor Xiaofei Xu (P4), Professor Ting He (P4), and Professor Ming Dong (P7).

WP7: Engineering and Industrial Sustainability

WP7 aims to exchange ideas, technologies and methods relevant to sustainable manufacturing, engineering and innovation in Europe and China. This work package will focus on advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies that will contribute to a low-carbon future and industrial sustainability in Europe and China. The WP leaders are Professor Steve Evans (P2), Dr Yongjiang Shi (P2), Professor Ming Dong (P7), and Professor Suiran Yu (P7).

WP8: Digital Engineering and ICT for HVEN

WP8 aims to understand the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on engineering network design and operations, and provide advanced network capabilities for engineering systems in the future. This work package will focus on systematic ICT solutions, novel concepts of operations, and software platform/architecture for HVEN. The WP leaders are Professor Sir Mike Gregory (P2), Professor Xiaofei Xu (P4), Professor Xiaobo Wu (P6) and Dr Yufeng Zhang (P1).