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MidEx works with organisations and practitioners who have excelled in their field through collaborative projects, applied research and consultancy.

Azigrene Consultants - Valencia, Spain


It was really a very good experience to host Dr Rachel Mulhall for a month working together with Azigrene members. I think that this experience was very successful since Rachel‘s goal was defined from the very beginning and Rachel approached the collaboration with dedication & professionalism.

Thanks to Rachel, Azigrene could learn about the current contextual overview of the types of energy consultancy services required by UK and also the current UK energy scene. Azigrene is now ready to start commercial actions in the UK in order give advice on energy cost reduction to large energy consumers. Francisco Azara Ballester, Managing Director

GreenHill Sustainability


Strategic procurement of energy is increasingly recognised as essential to managing organisational risk. Bringing together expertise on risk, procurement and sustainable energy systems, the project identified the most effective investment strategy to manage multiple agendas of energy security, carbon reduction and affordability.

For large energy users such as the NHS, the work represents a valuable first step in understanding how and when to use strategic energy procurement to manage risks and ensure business continuity. This could potentially break down traditional barriers between operational and strategic risk management; driving procurement decisions which lead to greater long-term sustainability.
Siobhan Hill, Managing Director

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