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Posted 21 February 2018

Bloodwise: Fighting AML by getting white blood cells to grow up

Professors Conny Bonifer and Peter Cockerill have found a way to restore healthy blood production in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) by helping cells stuck in an immature state to develop into mature blood cells, as Bloodwise reports.

Posted 16 February 2018

Ethnic Diversity in Cancer Genomics workshop

Dr Archana Sharma-Oates reports on the 'Ethnic Diversity in Cancer Genomics' workshop, funded by MRC Proximity to Discovery and facilitated by the UoB India Institute, that took place on 30 January 2018, bringing together scientists and clinicians from India, Africa and the UK.

Posted 15 February 2018

Surgical infections linked to drug-resistant bugs, study suggests

Patients having surgery in low income countries are more likely to develop an infection than those in wealthier nations, which may be linked to drug-resistant bacteria, research led by the Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Warwick suggests.