Our research

research-bodyOur researchers are world leaders in the areas of cell and molecular biology, immunology and virology. Our extensive research programme brings together scientists and clinicians to define basic mechanisms of cell and molecular biology, and then determine how the normal programme of cell growth and differentiation is usurped in cancer.  

We are striving to use the knowledge we gain to develop new and improved treatments for a range of different cancers. We are founded on close partnerships between the clinicians and scientists working within the University of Birmingham and the Birmingham hospitals. These close interactions accelerate our ability to perform laboratory studies on cancer patient samples to understand the basis of their disease so that we can then apply this knowledge back in the clinic.

Research areas and groups

We focus on both basic and translational research into human cancer, in parallel with studies of the normal mechanisms controlling cellular functions which become deregulated in cancer.  Our research makes use of cutting edge tools in the areas of cell and molecular biology which are supported by expertise in genomics and computational biology.  We are making significant advances into our understanding of the genetics of different cancers, including childhood cancer, and of mechanisms that replicate and repair DNA.  We translate this expert knowledge into new and proven treatments for patients in our world-leading CR-UK Clinical Trials Unit.