Cardiovascular research seminars

We run seminars throughout the year, working with students, patients and health professionals to provide thought provoking and timely research presentations.

Forthcoming seminars

ICVS Autumn 2018 Seminar Series

 Date Seminar Title   Speaker Host 
 20 September ICVS Research Presentations     
 27 September Unravelling the secrets of the VWF-ADAMTS10 axis  Dr James Crawley
Faculty of Medicine,
Dept of Medicine
Imperial College of London
Professor Yotis Senis 
4 October  

Pia Ostergaard
Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute
St Georges, University of London

Professor Steve Watson
11 October The role of microtubules and their motors during platelet activation and retraction

Karin Sadoul
Institute Albert Bonniot Grenoble,

Professor Steve Watson
18 October ICVS Research Presentations


25 October  Control of T cell responses by accessory receptors

Omer Dushek
Dunn School of Pathology
University of Oxford

 Professor Yotis Senis
8 November  


15 November  ICVS Research Presentations


22 November Termly PI Meeting


29 November Making and breaking cardiomyocytes: new insights into nanoscale structure and function

Bill Louch
Institute of Clinical Medicine
University of Oslo

Dr Davor Pavlovic
6 December      
13 December  

 Manasi Nandi
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science
King's College London

Dr Davor Pavlovic
20 December ICVS Research Presentations