Bioengineering research

petri-dishesOur ever expanding knowledge of how biological systems function and interact means that we are finding new ways to exploit and artificially replicate them.

There is currently a worldwide drive to use this new knowledge in a diverse range of different applications. In Biochemical Engineering we are currently working on a number of fronts with the aim of exploiting biological molecules, cells, and tissues to develop a range of high-value products.

Theme Research Areas:

Staff involved in this theme:

Academic Research Keywords
Prof Mike Adams  
Prof Mostafa Barigou Flow imaging, micro-PIV, blood flow, computational fluid dynamics
Dr Phil Cox  
Dr Liam Grover  
Dr Paula Mendes Switchable biological surfaces, artificial bacterial biofilms
Dr Tim Overton Microbial fermentation, molecular microbiology, microbial physiology and gene regulation, flow cytometry
Dr Mark Simmons Engineered biofilms
Prof Colin Thomas  Single cell biomechanics
Prof Owen Thomas  
Prof Zhibing Zhang Biomechanics, cartilage engineering, biomaterials, biofilms, probiotics