Chemical Reaction Group

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Professor Joe Wood
Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Exxon Mobil Teaching Fellow and Leader of Chemical Reaction Engineering Group

Professor Mike Winterbottom
Emeritus Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Consultant with WRK Design and Services


Research Projects and Research Fellows

Please click on the project title for more information, or on the Researcher’s name to see their personal profile.dp-7-1203-041-chem-medium

CAPRI – Insitu Upgrading of Heavy Oils Using Novel Catalytic Process


Heterogeneous Catalysis in Supercritical Fluids: The Enhancement of Catalytic Stability to Coking

Functional bionanomaterials and novel processing for targeted catalytic applications


Heterogeneous Selective Oxidation of Alcohols

Enantioselective Hydrogenation in a Fixed Bed Reactor

PhD Applications

We welcome speculative applications from prospective PhD students from home and overseas to come and study Chemical Reaction Engineering. For students from the European Union, grants are sometimes available (e.g. EPSRC).

Overseas (non-EU) students may apply for funding from their home country (e.g Conacyt Mexico, Petroleum Technology Development Fund of Nigeria) or for one of the coveted Overseas Research Scholarships.

For further details please email Professor Joe Wood, or request an application pack from Mrs Lynn Draper, our postgraduate secretary.