Dr Jiawei Wang

Heterogeneous Catalysis In Supercritical Fluids: The Enhancement Of Catalytic Stability To Coking

wangJia wei Wang
Sponsor: EPSRC

Jiawei was born and raised in Quzhou in the east China. His research interests lie within the novel area of supercritical fluids, especially material processing and reactions in supercritical fluids. His research posts and education are summarized as:

  • July 06-current University of Birmingham Research Associate
  • Sept. 02-March 06 University of Nottingham Ph.D.
  • Sept. 95-July 02 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China B.Eng., M.Eng.

The objectives of his current project are:

  • To investigate the alleviation of catalyst coke deposition by adopting supercritical fluids as reaction media.
  • To investigate the effect of operation conditions in conventional reaction medium and supercritical fluid medium.

The project may be of interest to petroleum companies such as BP. Catalyst companies such as Johnson Matthey have a general interest in the effect of reactions upon the catalyst and the optimisation studies. The work will also be of interest to speciality chemical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Jiawei's project is part of a collaboration with Dr Bushra Al-Duri in Birmingham and Dr Sean Rigby in Bath.

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