Hamza Mounzer

Heterogeneous Selective Oxidation of Alcohols

mounzerHamza Mounzer
Chemistry Degree

Hamza comes from Lebanon and started his research in reaction engineering at the University of Birmingham in 2005. He has “always been interested in chemical reactions and how to control them”.

The objectives of his project are to:

  • Oxidize secondary alcohols to the correspondent carbonyl compound in high yields
  • Minimize by-product formation
  • Optimise engineering conditions for the reaction
  • Kinetic and mechanism study

Metal oxides catalysts have rarely been used for liquid phase oxidation of alcohols. By using their lattice oxygen as an oxidizer we can improve selectivity of the reaction and eliminate the problem of over-oxidation encountered with noble metal catalysis.

Reflecting on his first year in the group he said “The greatest gain in doing research at the University of Birmingham is the opportunity to mix all kinds of knowledge from different parts of chemical engineering. Almost every project becomes a team’s work, where ideas are shared from groups such as hydrodynamics, fuel cells and mixing”.

Understanding of the metal oxide catalysis brings wealth of information valuable for the industries as well as for the purpose of academic science. It may open doors for new material research, understanding of metal redox properties and catalysis application


Poster presentation at Johnson Matthey Symposium on Catalytic Techology, Nottingham, June 2006