Students and Projects

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Completing 2017

Completing 2020

Completing 2021

  • Abigail Snowdon - Degradation effects (carbon build up) of the fuel electrode of reversible solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers and optimising the reversible cell for methane assisted co-electrolysis in a carbon capture and recycle system. 
  • Matthew Bird - The use of perovskite materials (ABO3) as catalysts for the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions in water splitting
  • Christopher Harrison - Material performance of hydrogen fuel cells
  • Ahmed Ibrahim - Testing filler materials within membranes of an intermediate temperature fuel cell
  • George Wilson - Water Splitting via Thermochemical Redox Reactions
  • Leon Ford - The role of structural disorder in perovskite materials and how this affects the transport properties
  • Naseruddin Khan - Zero-emission energy cycle through fuel cell hybrid vehicles with efficient energy storage system applications
  • Zahra Rana
  • Liam Cooper