Group Members

Mendes group photo

Josh, Monika, Yazmin, Eduardo, Rosalia, Fatima, Lewis, James, Francia, Stefano, Paula, Phillippa, Barbara, Giuseppe and Kamlesh


Professor Paula Mendes

Research Fellows

 dr alex stephenson brown

Dr Alex Stephenson-Brown
Sensors and dynamic self-assembly (2014)

Education and awards

  • BSc in Biomedical Science, De Montfort University
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham
  • JSPS Short Term Award Recipient
  • Best College Publication Dec. 2013
  • Ratcliffe Prize
 Aaron Acton

Dr Aaron Acton
Bionanotechnology, supramolecular chemistry, dynamic covalent chemistry (2014)


  • MSc in Chemistry, University of Bath
  • PhD in Chemistry, University of Reading
  • Post-doc, University of Reading
 Lewis Hart

Dr Lewis Hart
Bionanotechnology, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry (2015)


  • MChem in Chemistry with a Year in Industry (Cytec Engineered Materials), University of Reading
  • PhD in Chemistry (Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry), University of Reading
  • PDRA (Polymer Chemistry and 3D printing), University of Reading

PhD Students




Fatima Zia
Fuel cells (2012)


  • BSc in Biomedical Science, University of Keele
  • MSc in Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Leicester
 eleonora Cantini


Eleonora Cantini
Switchable surfaces for biomedical applications (2013)


  • BSc in Chemistry, University of Florence
  • MSc in Chemistry of Biological Molecules, University of Florence
 monika kopf


Monika Köpf
Smart surfaces and biosensors (2013)


  • BSc in Biomedical Science, De Montfort University
  • MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Birmingham
 simone basile


Simone Basile
Smart surfaces and nanotechnology (2014)


  • BSc in Chemical Sciences, University of Pavia
  • MSc in Chemistry, University of Pavia 
 Francia Allabush


Francia Allabush
Biomolecular, supramolecular and nanoscale chemistry (2014)

Education and experiences

  • MChem in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of Warwick
  • Placement project, University of Tasmania

 phillipa michell



Philippa Mitchell
Smart surfaces for diagnostics (2014)


  • MSci in Biochemistry, University of Birmingham
 james s walker

James S. Walker
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (2014)

Education and experiences

  • MChem in Pure and Applied Chemistry, University of Strathclyde
  • Erasmus, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Industrial placement, Merck KGaA  
 barbara gomes

Bárbara Gomes
Switchable nanostructured surfaces (2015)

Education and experiences

  • MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Porto
  • MSc in Nanotechnology, Swansea University
  • Erasmus, Technische Universität München

Past Members

PhD Students

Scott Charlesworth
Cait Costello
Oliver Curnick
Alice Pranzetti
Gaurav Gupta
Minhaj Lashkor
Zarrar Hussein
Nga Yip

Research Fellows

Dr Paul Yeung (former PhD student)
Dr Frankie Rawson
Dr Parvez Iqbal