September: We welcome our new PhD researcher, Peter, and MSci project students James, Joanna and Katarina. 

September: We have moved lab and are now on level 6 - pictures to follow - great job by the group members! 

September: Our paper on alkynyl thioethers to access unusual reaction outcomes is online.

August: Congratulations to Raju and Matt Ball whose paper has been accepted into Angewandte Chemie!

July: Welcome to Izzy Barker who has joined us for an undergraduate summer research project.

July: Well done to our MSci's Catherine, Jasper and Marcus for their degree successes!

June: Congratulations to Josh for a successful viva!

May: Our new way to unlock the potential of alpha-sulfinyl carbenes is accepted into ChemComm: Congrats Matt and Fatima!

April: Miguel, Elsa and Raju’s communication on nucleophilic nitrenoids for fused heterocycles is accepted as a VIP in Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis – Congrats!   

February: Welcome to Paige Rist who has joined the Davies group to start a PhD in collaboration with the Grainger group.

January: Our full paper on oxazole synthesis by formal cycloaddition is in the top accessed list for 2016 in Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis

January: Our focus review in Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry on nucleophilic nitrenoids for nitrogen heterocycle synthesis is in the top 5 most downloaded papers in 2016.

January: Welcome to Laura Hamouche joining the Davies group to start a PhD.


December: Congratulations to Miguel on his PhD!

November: Matt presents a poster on sequential cyclisations at the RSC’s Challenges in Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals VMeeting in London.

October: Paul finishes his term as Chair of the Young Chemist’s Panel of the Society of the Chemical Industry.

October: Welcome to Mat Wakeling, (re)joining the group now for a PhD in catalyst design.

October: Welcome to Catherine, Jasper and Marcus as MSci project students.

September: Paul gives a talk on the groups work at Eli Lilly’s CASE day.

September: Matt presents his work on cascading cycloadditions at the 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2016 in Sevilla

September: Matt presents a poster on sequential cyclisations at the 31st Annual Postgraduate Symposium of the Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group in Nottingham.

July: Welcome to Jasper joining us for an UG summer placement.

May: Congratulations to Matt who has been selected for a bursary to present his research as a poster at the Challenges in Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals V meeting.

May: Congratulations to Ana who has been selected for the 4th EFMC-Roche studentship award which will be presented at the EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry 2016.

May: Welcome to PhD student Ana, who joins the group.

April: Miguel and Matt present posters at the RSC Organic Division Midlands Regional Meeting.

January: Congratulations to Matt Barrett who is starting his new position at re:Viral

January: Andy and Raju’s full paper on the oxazoles is published as a VIP in Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis.


December: Paul gives a talk at Pacifichem 2015

NovemberMatt Ball presents his work at the RSC organic poster competition in London

NovemberCongratulations to Matt Barrett on his successful PhD defence!

October: Congratulations to Andy for his job at Sygnature Discovery

October: Congratulations to Andy and Raju, whose full paper on the oxazole synthesis has been accepted into Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis as a Very Important Publication

October: Paul starts his term on the RSC Organic Division Council

October: Congratulations to Andy on his successful PhD defence!

September Congratulations to Holly and Elli whose research into divergent ynamide cascades has been accepted for Angewandte Chemie

September: Welcome to our new MSci project students: Andrew, Mat and Pascal

August: Miguel presents his research at the ACS National Meeting in Boston

August: Paul and Miguel’s review on nucleophilic nitrenoids is published in AsianJOC

July: Welcome back Rory for a summer research placement

July: Congratulations to Elli for successfully defending her PhD thesis! 

July: Miguel’s review on nucleophilic nitrenoids and Matt's paper on oxyarylation have been published

July: Miguel is off to the 19th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, in Lisbon, to present his research, aided by the award of an RSC travel bursary

June: Miguel, Josh and Matt presented their talks or poster at the Postgraduate symposium. Well done all, and congratulations to Josh on winning one of the prizes for best talk

June: Paul is elected to the RSC Organic Division Council

June: Miguel and Paul’s focus review of nucleophilic nitrenoids is accepted into Asian J. Org. Chem

June: Congratulations to our MSci students, Josh, Jay and Max on their degrees

March: Congratulations to Holly for her job at Sygnature Discovery

March: Congratulations to Holly on passing her PhD viva!

January: Miguel is awarded a travel prize from the RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector to go the ACS meeting


December: Congratulations to Michel-Franck - Dr!

December: Elli goes to JNOST-10 in Chennai, India, to give a talk, supported by the RSC

November: Miguel and Paul’s imidazo-fused heterocycle synthesis is highlighted in SynFacts

October: Welcome to new PhD student Elsa, and MSci students Josh, Jay and Max

September: Andy wins the best poster prize at the RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group Postgraduate Meeting

September: Miguel’s paper 'A Direct Route into Fused Imidazo-diazines and Imidazo-pyridines Using Nucleophilic Nitrenoids in a Gold-Catalyzed Formal [3 + 2]-Dipolar Cycloaddition' is published in Organic Letters. Congratulations Miguel!

September: Elli wins 1st prize for the best organic chemistry poster at the 5th EuCheMS congress in Istanbul

September: Paul gives a talk at the 5th EuCheMS congress in Istanbul

August: Welcome to Rory Mykura, a UoB undergraduate spending a summer placement in our lab

August: Elli, Holly and Paul are at the ACS meeting in San Francisco giving 4 talks between them

July: Miguel and Josh present posters, while Holly, Matt, Andy and Elli give talks at the school's postgraduate symposium. Andy and Holly win 2nd and 3rd prize respectively for their talks!

June: Congratulations to our undergraduate students Matt, Matt and Kim on passing their degrees!

May: Holly’s paper on ‘1,2-N-Migration in a Gold-Catalysed Synthesis of Functionalised Indenes by the 1,1-Carboalkoxylation of Ynamides’ is published in Chemistry - A European Journal. Congratulations Holly!


April: The group attended the RSC organic meeting in Nottingham where Matt, Elli, Raju and Andy presented posters. Congratulations to Matt and Elli who both won prizes!

April: Welcome to Denise who is visiting the group for 6 months as an Erasmus student

April: Mickael’s paper on 'A Gold-Catalysed Fully Intermolecular Oxidation and Sulfur-Ylide Formation Sequence on Ynamides’ is published in Chem. Commun. Congratulations Mickael!

April: Elli gave a presentation at the 25th SCI Regional Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry in London

March: Tom passes his viva! Congratulations Dr Baker!

February: Congratulations and goodbye to Fernando who has taken up a role as a senior chemist at a company in Spain


December: Elli presented a poster at the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium at Burlington House, London

November: Elli was invited to attend the Syngenta Scholarship workshop in Bracknel

October: Holly presents her PhD work at the AstraZeneca CASE conference at Alderley Park

September: Welcome to PhD student Matt; MSci students Matt, Matt and Kim; and MSc student Fatima

August: Congratulations to Elli - her paper on regioselective oxazole synthesis directly from internal alkynes is published in Chem. Commun.

July: Andy, Holly and Paul were at the RSC's 23rd International Symposium Synthesis in Organic Chemistryat Oxford presenting posters and a talk respectively

July: Graziella and Harry graduate with their MScis, congratulations guys! Both go on to PhDs in at St. Andrews and Manchester respectively

July: Ana joins the group as a visiting scientist

June: Michel gives a talk and Andy, Elli, Holly and Matt all give posters at the school's postgraduate symposium

May: Pam passes her viva! Congratulations Dr Heer!

April: Onyeka joins the group as a PhD student

March: Andy, Elli and Matt give talks at the department's first Year 2 Symposium

February: Holly starts a placement at AstraZeneca as part of her PhD research

January: Raju joins the group on a Marie-Curie fellowship