Background to the database

The database stems from a number of doctoral and post-doctoral studies over a twenty-year period. It contains over 400 complete sets of primary velocity (U) and boundary shear stress (tb) data; all integrated and compared with mean flow and mean energy gradient values.

There are also the results of 150 early experiments undertaken by Knight (1970-85), as well as the 74 experiments (1987-89) from the Flood Channel Facility (FCF), documented in 15 volumes (Phase A). There are thus approximately 600 experimental data sets of U and tb for straight prismatic open channels or ducts with various cross sections and roughness distributions, as well as many data from elsewhere. See Table 1 for details of work undertaken in straight open channels (rigid and mobile boundaries) and that in two wind tunnels.

Other data exist for meandering and skewed open channels. Various publications by Knight et al. give numerous plots of the lateral variations of boundary shear stress, velocity and depth-averaged parameters for these generic shapes, and a small selection is given in Figs 1-8 to illustrate the wide variety of these.