Flow Database

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The Flow Database contains over approximately 600 complete sets of primary velocity (U) and boundary shear stress (tb) data for flow in straight prismatic open channels or ducts with various cross sections and roughness distributions.

The database is organised by the name of the PhD student or researcher in alphabetical order, from ‘Abril’ to ‘Yuen’, with some additional data from the large-scale Flood Channel Facility (FCF) and other researchers added where appropriate. Further details are contained in table where PhD thesis titles and key references are also listed.

The database is primarily intended for researchers who wish to obtain experimental data of a detailed nature, together with information about how it was obtained, for use in conjunction with their own experimental studies or in validating numerical models. A special section on ‘Modelling’ deals with some aspects of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D models and their use in hydraulic engineering.

The Flow Database is a component of Civil Engineering's wider short term resilience research.