Transient Winds

A thunderstorm downburst (image from NOAA photo library).Transient winds, such as thunderstorm downbursts, are extreme wind events. causing winds of comparable speeds to mid-range tornadoes.

In a collaborative project between the University of Birmingham and the University of Strathclyde, downbursts are being modelled using both laboratory-based physically simulations and numerical, Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, with the aim of determining the forces on structures subject to such events.

Downbursts cause the design wind speeds experienced by buildings in many parts of the world. The results of this project will benefit structural engineers and authors of building design codes, potentially leading to safer, more economical building design.

This project is funded by the EPSRC through grant number EP/J008281/1. The research team would like to express their gratitude to the EPSRC for their support for this work.

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