Grants held by the members of the CNCR Centre.

12/2011: Wyatt, Miall, Wing: EPSRC Bridging the gap, £12k

12/2011: Wyatt, Di Luca: EPSRC Bridging the gap, £19k

06/2012: Di Luca: Marie Curie Career Integration Grant 2012-2016, €100k

02/2012: Miall: Royal Society International Exchange, £12k

03/2012: Di Luca: Royal Society research grant, £15k

05/2012: Wing, Miall: EU FP7 collaborative proposal: CogLaboration €3M, €750k UoB

05/2012: Bojak, Jefferys: Wellcome ISSF Interdisciplinary Award, £10K

06/2012: Miall, Wing, Wyatt, Rosenthal: MRC project grant 2012-2015, £500k

12/2012: Hawes, Wyatt: EU FP7 IP proposal: STRANDS c. €10M, €2M UoB

12/2012: Beierholm: IAS funding for workshop on 'Human Decision Making', £4k

01/2013: Rank: DAAD postdoctoral fellowship, one year support to work with Di Luca

02/2013: Miall, Grey, Wing: PhD student supported under MRC-ARUK Centre award

02/2013: Noppeney: ERC (in final negotiations), €1.5M

03/2013: Mistry, Miall, Wing: EU FP7 collaborative proposal: CoDyCo, €3M, €621k UoB

03/2013: Wyatt, Leonardis: EU FP7 STREP proposal: PaCMan, €1.46M UoB

08/2013: Beierholm: Hillary GreenFoundation, PhD support, £24k

01/2013: Noppeney, Gowland, Francis: PhD student supported under MRC-ARUK Centre award

01/2014: Noppeney, Zumer: 310 K Euros, Marie Curie IEF

02/2014: Schofield, Cosker, Visual Image Interpretation in Man and Machine (VIIMM), EPSRC Biological and Machine Vision Network grant

2014 - 2017: Schofield, Visual Image Interpretation and Humans and Machines: EPSRC Network on Biological and Computer Visions. Funder ESPR.

10/2015 - 10/2020: Galea, ERC starting grant; MotMotLearn

08/2016 - 12/2019: Sridharan, Jones; Towards Early Inference of Human Intent and Affordances for Human-Robot Collaboration.

06/2017 - 05/2020: Sridharan, Langley; Scalable Inference of Affordance, Activity, and Intent from Spatio-Temporal Input

01/2018: Wing, Di Luca, Roberts, Allen, 1M, BBSRC, in collaboration with Procter & Gamble