CREMS' activities focus around delivering teaching and conducting research on the Reformation and the Early Modern period. 

We have a broad range of staff who teach on our postgraduate programmes, with cutting-edge research interests in the English reformation, material cultures, the reformation in the holy roman empire, Catholic reform, global exploration and seventeenth century British political history (including the civil war).

The Centre hosts an annual lecture. So far, speakers have included: Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor Kevin Sharpe, Professor Peter Lake, Professor Andrew Pettegree, Dr Susan Brigden, Professor Mark Greengrass and Dr Ulinka Rublack.  

The Centre supports an interdisciplinary research seminar series of invited speakers throughout the academic year. Information about the Centre’s activity is provided via our website, mailing list, and twitter account. To be added to this mailing list, please contact Jonathan Willis

The Centre hosts conferences and other national and international research events in the field. It also provides an operating base for research projects, both small-scale collaborative projects between members of the Centre and larger-scale projects with other institutions.