Centre for Reformation and Early Modern History research seminar series

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Autumn 2018

Forthcoming seminars

The seminar programme has now finished for this semester



To take place on Wednesdays in Lecture Room 5, Arts Building, starting at 16:15 (with some exceptions so please check listings).

Further information

The Early Modern Literature, Culture and Society seminar is an interdisciplinary seminar hosted and organised by the Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies

For more information please contact the current convenor, Dr Nikolas Funke

All staff and students are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided, and you are also warmly invited to join us for food and/or a drink afterwards.

Past seminars

Please click on the headings below to view past years' seminar programmes.


1 October: Paul Hammond (Leeds), ‘What is "evil" in Paradise Lost?’ 

15 October: Kate Smith (Birmingham), ‘Global houses, global homes: mobility and migration in the long eighteenth century’

19 November: Nikolas Funke (Birmingham), 'Confessional coexistence under Military Occupation in Seventeenth Century Germany'

3 December: Jennie Challinor (Birmingham), '"A countrey life assists this study best": Robert Matthews and a new source for Katherine Philips'

14 January: Sara Barker (Leeds), 'Language vs. Layout?  FOrm and format in pre-periodical printed news translation'

11 February: Christopher Langley (Newman), 'Defining Loyalty, Redefining Reformation: Understanding Conflict from Scottish Pulpits, c.1638-1660'

4 March: Ewan Fernie (Shakespeare Institute), 'Shakespeare on the Brink of Freedom'

18 March: Clive Holmes (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), 'The Translatlantic context of the Salem Witch Trials'


2 October: Penny Roberts (Warwick), ‘Secrets and spires: transgressing boundaries in sixteenth-century France’ 

16 October: Carly Watson (Birmingham), ‘"Sua Sall You Tak New Troy": A New Sonnet and Jacobean Literary Culture before 1603’ 

20 November: Ruth Connolly (Newcastle), ‘Editing as a Critical Act: Reading the Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick’

4 December: Stephanie Appleton (Birmingham), 'Will-making on the deathbed in Stratford-upon-Avon, c.1540-1640'

15 January: Angela McShane (V&A/RCA), "How happy's the state where no discords are breeding": Harmony and the Politopop of later seventeenth-century England'

29 January: Tom Lockwood (Birmingham), 'Rochester at Rhyme'

8 March: Anne Hughes (Keele), '"Begun at Westminster and ended at Wirksworth": hearing sermons in town and country in the 1640s'

19 March: Gabriel Heaton (Sotheby's), 'Where commerce meets scholarship: valuing early modern books and manuscripts'


26 September: Janet Dickinson (Birmingham), ‘Rethinking the 1590s: the 2nd Earl of Essex and the late Elizabethan regime’ 

10 October: Jeanne Shami (All Souls, Oxford), ‘Historical fictions: contemporary engagements with John Donne’ 

28 November: Jill Francis (Birmingham), ‘Gardening networks and exchanges: the notebooks and correspondences of Sir Thomas Hanmer of Bettisfield’

9 January: Melanie Evans (Birmingham), 'Styling the Word, re-styling the Self? The English translations of Princess Elizabeth Tudor'

23 January:Amin Momeni (Birmingham), 'Islamic Persians in Caroline Drama'

6 February: Erin Sullivan (Shakespeare Institute), 'The Passions of Thomas Wright'

27 February: Graeme Murdock (Trinity College, Dublin), 'Do good fences make good neighbours? Tolerance and intolerance in early modern Savoy'

13 March: Alan Bryson (Sheffield), 'The Talbot Family'

20 March: Chris King (Nottingham), 'Constructing space and society in the early modern city: houses, objects and social identity'


28 September: Jonathan Willis (Birmingham), 'Music and the English Reformation'

12 October: Christopher Burlinson (Cambridge), 'Keeping Texts: Elizabethan Puritans in England and the Netherlands'

16 November: Michelle O'Callaghan (Reading), 'Collections and Coteries: Reading Verse Miscellanies'

11 January: Islam Issa (Birmingham), ‘Milton in Arabic: Paradise Lostand Religio-Cultural Transformation’

25 January: Sarah Knight (Leicester), ‘The Niniversity at the Bankside: students on the Elizabethan stage’ 

8 February: Cathryn Enis (Reading), ‘“Marching in battell araye”: the roads to Drayton Bassett and the riots of 1578’‘

14 March: Claire Preston (Birmingham), ‘Trope and trillo: Robert Boyle’s languages of science’  


6 October  Tara Hamling (Birmingham): ‘Old Robert’s Girdle: Visual and Material Props for Protestant Piety in Post-Reformation England’

20 October  Kim Hackett (York): ‘Making “Republikes of Kingdomes”? Dutch Pamphlet Polemic and English Politics, 1619-1623’

3 November  Max von Habsburg (Oundle School): ‘The Imitatio Christi within the Late Medieval and Early Modern World of the Jesuits’

8 December  Harry Newman (Shakespeare Institute): ‘Publishing Women’s Secrets: Prefacing Printed Gynaecological and Obstetrical Texts in Renaissance England’

2 February  David Coast (Sheffield): ‘“Ad Faciendum Populum”: perceptions of propaganda in the newsletters of William Trumbull and Sir Dudley Carleton, 1616-25’

16 February  Alison Findlay (Lancaster): ‘Ceremony, Charles I and Shakespeare’s Henry IV’

9 March  Alex Bamji (Leeds): ‘Scandalous heresies: the priorities of the Inquisition in seventeenth-century Venice’

23 March  Denise Thomas (Birmingham): ‘“A compleat Library ... the onely Paradise of this world.” The reading practice of Thomas Hall B.D. (1610-1665)’


30 September  David Hemsoll (Birmingham): ‘Giulio Romano and the Palazzo Tè in Mantua: Designing a Princely Palace’

14 October  Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (St Edmund Hall, Oxford): ‘Early Modern Women’s Poetry and Historical Formalism’

18 November Marcus Nevitt (Sheffield): ‘Sing Heavenly News: Samuel Sheppard, Epic and the Serial’

2 December  Simone Laqua O’Donnel (Birmingham): ‘A bishop meets his maker or the creation of a celibate clergy in post-Tridentine Münster’

13 January  Astrid Stilma (Christ Church Canterbury): ‘The King’s to Blame? Imagining the Gowrie Conspiracy, 1600-1639’

27 January  George Southcombe (Oxford): ‘Muckworm wordlings, scarlet stains and glorious lovers: the varieties and uses of dissenting verse, 1660-1700’

3 March Jules Whicker (Birmingham): 'Military Virtue in the Background and Structure of Luis de Belmonte Bermúdez's play La monja alférez / The Lieutenant Nun (1626)'

17 March John Walter (Essex): 'Gesture and the Politics of Touch in early modern England'


1 October  John Jowett (Shakespeare Institute): 'The Paper Trail: “The Booke of Sir Thomas Moore”'

15 October  Jacqueline Eales (Christ Church, Canterbury): 'National Political Culture and Provincial Preaching as a point of contact in Early Modern England'

19 November  Lucy Munro (Keele): 'Archaic Shakespeare'

3 December  Wendy Trevor (Birmingham): 'Seneca’s De Beneficiis and Commodity Measuring Amity in Early Modern Drama'

14 January  Tobias Green (Birmingham): 'The Role of Intercultural Exchanges in the Birth of the Atlantic Slave Trade in the ‘Guinea of Cape Verde’ During the Sixteenth Century'

28 January  Sylvia Gill (Birmingham): 'Paying off Purgatory: 1548, Involuntary Redundancy and Clerical Pensions'

11 February Angus Vine (Scriptorium Project, Cambridge): 'Bacon’s Notebooks: From Wastebook to Ledger'

4 March  Ita MacCarthy (Birmingham): 'Grace: A Renaissance Keyword'

18 March  Clive Holmes (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford): 'The Witch of Wapping: Judicial Murder; Family Disputes; Constitutional Law

20 May  Sheila Christie (Bristol): 'Enacting Violence: Representations of Military Activity and Civic Disorder in the Chester Mystery Plays'