CRNI - Collaborative Research Network in Imaging and Visualisation

Imaging and visualisation are pervasive as investigative tools in many academic disciplines at the University of Birmingham, including Physical Sciences, Biosciences, Medicine, Environmental Sciences, Business and Arts.

As well as being enabling technologies, imaging and visualisation are also research disciplines in their own right. They are inherently multi-disciplinary, drawing on physics to understand the processes of image formation; on chemistry to develop image-enhancing agents; on mathematics and statistics to model real-world phenomena and to derive principled solutions; on psychology to understand the human visual perception and draw inspiration from natural vision; and on computer science and engineering to construct working algorithms and devices.

The University of Birmingham, with its broad range of disciplines and world class research teams, is an exciting place in which theoretical insights and new methodologies and tools are being developed for the advancement of Physical Sciences, Engineering, Biosciences, Medicine, Environment, Business and Arts. The main areas of research and development on the campus are focused on:

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