People associated with the CRNI

Staff listing for CRNI
NameDepartmentTelephone            Email
Dr Susan Armstrong Biosciences 46485
Dr Paul Badenhorst
Key words:  Epigenetics, transcription, chromatin remodeling, chromatin dynamics, histone modifications, protein-dna interaction.
Anatomy 46810
Dr Andrew Bagshaw Psychology 43683
Dr Andrew Baker
Key words:  Fluorescence imaging, fluorescence spectrophotometry, water quality, organic matter characterisation, water engineering.
Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences 58133
Dr Mostafa Barigou Chemical Engineering 45277
Mr Gino Bellavia VIN Technology Services 43897
Dr John Bridgeman Civil Engineering 45145
Dr Melanie Britton Chemistry 44391
Dr Josephine Bunch  
Key words:  Mass spectrometry imaging, MALDI-MS, LA-ICP-MS, Drug distribution studies
Chemistry 47813
Dr Lee Chapman Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences 45682
Dr Yu Chen Physics & Astronomy 43505
Prof. Kevin Chipman   Biosciences 45422
Prof Ela Claridge
Key words:  Medical image analysis, physics of image formation, multispectral imaging, mathematical modelling, fluorescence imaging, skin cancer, colon cancer.
Computer Science 44778
Dr Phil Cox Chemical Engineering 45310
Dr Alison Davenport Metallurgy & Materials 45191
Prof Shoumitro Deb Psychiatry 9-678-2353
Dr Hamid Dehghani
Key words:  Physiological Measurements, Optical Imaging, Image Reconstruction, Molecular Imaging, Cancer 
Computer Science 48728
Dr Francesco Falciani Biosciences 43037
Dr Manuel Forero-Vargas Biosciences 45406
Professor P Fryer Chemical Engineering 45451
Prof Vince Gaffney Institute of Archaeology & Antiquity 47632
Dr Liam Grover Chemical Engineering 43887
Prof Michael Hannon Chemistry 42527
Dr Peter Hansen Psychology 43678
Dr Stuart Harrad Environmental Health 47298
Dr Alicia Hidalgo
Key words:  In vivo, nervous system, drosophila, synapses, apoptosis, mitosis, brain registration, brain structure, signalling, automation, cell counting.
Biosciences 45416
Prof John Jefferys
Key words:  Brain, neuronal networks, synaptic function, live cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, MRI 
Neurophysiology 47525
Prof Roy Johnston
Key words: Computational nanoscience, nanoparticle image simulation, plasmon calculations, energy landscapes, structure otpimization.
Chemistry 47477
Prof Ian Jones
Key words:  Electron microscopy, nanoparticles, tomography, chemical nanaoanalysis
Metallurgy & Materials 45184
Dr Ata Kaban Computer Science 42792
Prof Mike Kearsey Biosciences 45886
Dr Chris Kidd Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences 48146
Dr Jackson Kirkman Brown Centre for Human Reproductive Science  831-2739
Prof Zoe Kourtzi Psychology 48509
Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft Biosciences 48851
Dr Gabriel Landini School of Dentistry 832-2885
Dr Gary Leeke Chemical Engineering 45351
Prof Richard Lilford Public Health 46772
Prof Lynne Macaskie
Key words:  Biofilms and biofilm imaging, metallic nanoparticles, biominerals and bimetallics, nuclide migration in matrices, bioreactor imaging, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, superSTEM, STXM (awaiting beam line at DIAMOND being built.
Biosciences 45889
Dr Rosalind Meldrum Biosciences 45419
Dr Paula Mendes
Key words:  Nanobiotechnolgy, nanoparticles, surface chemistry, bio-patterning, biomimetic materials, switchable surfaces.
Chemical Engineering 45343
Dr Ferenc Mueller Reproductive & Child Health 42895
Prof Gerard Nash
Key words: Blood rheology, cell adhesion, cell migration, cardiovascular physiology, inflammation
Physiology 43670
Prof Ian Norton Chemical Engineering 45296
Dr Will Palin School of Dentistry 832-2914
Prof David Parker Physics & Astronomy 44708
Dr Andrew Peet
Key words: Childhood brain tumours, non-invasive diagnosis and prognosis, magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolomics, pattern recognition.
Paeds & Child Health 9-333-8711
Dr Zoe Pikramenou
Key words: Luminescent probes, lanthanide labels for imaging, luminescent and magnetic nanoparticles, DNA recognition, protein labels, sensors.
Chemistry 42290
Dr Dale Powner Cancer Studies 43292
Prof Jon Preece Chemistry 43528
Dr Steve Publicover Biosciences 45455
Prof Trevor Rayment Chemistry 47222
Dr Joshua Rappoport
Key words: Cell biology, biophysics, fluorescent microscopy, vesicle trafficking, cell motility, live cell imaging.
Biosciences 49019
Dr Joanna Renshaw Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences 46172
Dr Jon Rowe Computer Science 42985
Dr Rachel Sammons School of Dentistry  832-2910
Dr David Smith School of Mathematics 42914
Dr Janet Smith Biosciences 45408
Dr John Snaith Chemistry 44363
Dr Dov Stekel Biosciences 44209
Prof Bob Stone Engineering 47395
Dr Iain Styles Computer Science 48559
Mrs Sudha Sundar
Key words: Small animal, xenograft, malignancy, angiogenesis, molecular therapy.
Cancer Studies 0121 507 5337
Dr Juergen Thomas Physics & Astronomy 58316
Dr Steve Thomas
Key words: Platelets and megakaryocyes, actin dynamics, live cell imaging.
Institute of Biomedical Research 58678
Dr Peter Thomason Biosciences 44209
Dr John Thornes Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences 45556
Dr Peter Tino Computer Science 46558
Dr James Tucker Chemistry 44422
Dr Mark Viant Biosciences 42219
Prof Damien Walmsley School of Dentistry 832-2825
Dr Peter Watkins Physics & Astronomy 44625
Prof Steve Watson Institute for Biomedical Research 46514
Prof Xin Yao Computer Science 43747